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Benefits To Being Smoke Free


Now you can stop smoking with just two sessions. You

will learn the Quit 4 GoodTM method so you can rid yourself of the habit and the addiction to the use of tobacco

once-and for all!


Quit 4 GoodTM Hypnosis does not require the use of deep trance, gum, drugs or patches. Clients remain fully aware during their hypnotic experience. Sessions are tailored for each individual. Make a commitment to your future good health. Call to make first appointment today.


Ron Klein, M.C.S.,CMH, NBCCH

National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Trainer, NLP


Maryland: 301-523-5659

Text Box: Dear Ron,

In December 2008, I saw you for a stop-smoking hypnotherapy session, and  I am happy to report that I have not smoked since.  I truly believe I have kicked the habit for good!

I want to thank you again for your help.  I think the hypnotherapy  
sessions helped to give me the confidence and "kick-start" that I  
needed, as well as the courage and determination to weather the  
withdrawal symptoms.  It was truly a pleasure to work with you, and I will recommend you to my smoking friends who wish to quit.

Sam Nune.
November 2010
Last name withheld by request
Text Box: I celebrated my EIGHTH completely smoke-free week on Friday morning, November 20th at 10:00am!  Hooray!!  It hasn't all been smooth sailing ... ... but I've survived them, and that's what counts!
Thanks again ... and again ... and again!  I really am amazed that it was so (almost) easy!   

Best,  Maureen Spahr