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I Can Help You Overcome

The Following Fears and Phobias


Fear of speaking in public

Fear of flying

Post Traumatic Stress

Fear of bridges

Fear of highway ramps

Fear of elevators and/or escalators

Fear of open high places

Fear of heights

Fear of  being in crowded, public places

Fear of needles or pointed objects

Fear of bees, insects, snakes or mice

Fear of confined spaces

Fear of dentist

Fear of insects or mice

Fear of darkness




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Text Box: When I bought my 4-wheel drive car, I thought it would never skid no matter what.  I was wrong.  After an accident in which it spun out on ice and hit a guard rail, I began to experience extreme fear while driving regardless the road conditions.  From that point on, I was especially fearful whenever the roads were wet or icy.   
It has been six years since I worked with Ron and I continue to be amazed at the ongoing benefit. I now drive with appropriate caution for the road conditions instead of experiencing overwhelming panic.         			
Susan Zorn,    Zummerville, NJ
Text Box: I was troubled by PTSD that was causing me increasing distress despite years of psychotherapy.  After an amazingly brief intervention during the  very first session, the response is gone and I have had no recurrence.  It is wonderful!!          		Lynne Merl,  Malden, MA,