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Overcoming Negative Self Talk


Negative statements directed at a person can erode their sense of self-worth. Even though many people find they can reject unfair criticism without much difficulty when it comes from others. However, when it’s the person him or herself, who is doing the negative self-talk, their sense of self-worth can be dramatically diminished and their potential severely limited.  Negative self-talk causes stress, triggers anxiety, limits the person’s capacity for success, and often colors life with a dark brush.


Often the people who suffer from these problems don’t realize they are caused by their own inner critics or from the internalized negative voices of parents and significant others. The reason they are not fully aware of these inner voices is the overwhelming feelings they cause.  In effect, the negative self-talk is drowned out, and it plays in the background, like a song stuck in an endless loop!


Negative self-talk produces unpleasant emotional states, problem behaviors and limits choices. These negative feelings are then the trigger for a tremendous number of problems and difficulties, including:

 problem habits and behaviors

 Alcohol, substance abuse and other addictions

 Anger management problems


  Self-confidence and self-esteem issues . . . . . and more


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