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Children who were hypnotized during clinical trials reported they experienced less pain from various medical procedures, including cancer-related pain. ... Dr Christina Liossi, University of Wales, UK, suggests there is some evidence that hypnosis prolonged the lives of cancer patients.† "There are some studies and there are some encouraging results from these," she said.†


20 women undergoing breast biopsies were randomly assigned to a hypnosis or control group (standard care). It was established that hypnosis reduced post surgery pain and distress. Initial evidence also suggested that the effects of hypnosis were mediated by pre-surgery expectations ('The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis', January 2002)..†


A 12 week study was undertaken to establish whether 5 adult patients with various AIDS-related pain symptoms benefited from a hypnosis-based pain management approach. All 5 patients showed significant improvement as a result of the hypnotic intervention. Four of the 5 patients reported using significantly less pain medication during the treatment phase ('Hypnosis for the Control of HIV/AIDS-Related Pain' by Mark Christopher Langenfeld, Ennio Cipani, and Jeffrey J. Borckardt in 'The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis', April 2002).†


"In addition to the treatment of psychiatric disabilities, there is a place for hypnotism in the production of anesthesia or analgesia for surgical and dental operations, and in suitable subjects it is an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth without altering the normal course of labor" (Medical Use of Hypnotismí in the British Medical Journal).




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