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Comments from students:


“I strongly recommend. . .They (the workshops) have provided me with the theoretical and practical experience necessary to use hypnosis successfully in a variety of clinical problems.”


                                 Lucy R. Waletzky, M.D., Clinical Asst.

                                 Professor, Psychiatry& Ob/Gyn.


“Training in the experiential based program of Ericksonian Hypnosis has made a very important contribution to the skills I need for working with adolescents and their families. Personal direction, ongoing evaluation of skill development and appropriate feedback enabled me to use hypnosis successfully from the very first days of the program.”


                                 Dorothy G. French, Ph.D., MC.C.


“You combine the best of the expert and the teacher — and a rare

combination it is to be sure. Your training has provided me with greater flexibility in my work.”


                                 M. Jacqueline Saba, Ed. D., Psychologist


“Training in hypnotherapy and NLP with Ron Klein has been a rich experience. In over thirty years of clinical practice I have attended many training sessions. I left most of them with great appreciation of the magical skills of the leader. In Ron’s case, however, the emphasis was on our learning, rather than on his charismatic leadership. . .I am using what I learned!”


                                 Frances L. Seidman, Ed. D., Lic. Clinical



“I am much, much more than satisfied with your course, and plan to come back for more. . .Many thanks to you and your associates for giving me a lot of information, teaching me about many precise techniques and useful attitudes about changing, giving me opportunities to practice what I was learning. . .”


                                 Peter Bloom, Ph.D., Lic. Clinical Psychologist


“During the past nine years, I have participated in a wide range of

seminars, workshops and training programs. . .your program was the most organized and professionally well-run training program that I have experienced. Your ability to combine theoretical data with experiential exercises augmented the learning process.”


                                 Randy Fiery, M.S.W.


“I had no idea hypnotherapy was so rich in content and technique. The dedication of the trainer was remarkable.”


                                 Wade C. Esserwein, M.S., Lic.

                                 Clinical Psychologist


“Thank you for the most valuable training experience I have ever

had…The training has and continues to profoundly affect my work and my attitudes toward life.”


                                 John Overdurf, Certified Addiction Counselor


“This training provides the most effective tools with which to enhance the art of mind-body healing.”


                                 Gail L. Smith, A.C.S. W.


“Next to my month with Virginia Satir, this has been the most useful and inspiring seminar I have attended in my career as a therapist. To quote Virginia, ‘Thank you for being my partner in change.”


                                 Sandee Confare, M.A.



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