Hi Ron,

You may not remember me....but I came to receive hypnotherapy last Fall for an upcoming medical board exam. I was so scared that I wouldn’t do well enough to pass. You provided hypnotherapy and I made sure to remember that a little anxiety makes me crisp!!  Today received results that I passed!!


Thank you so much for your therapy and support.


                                                                                           Sadhana Jackson



Hi Ron,

I wanted to give you an update. I had a 1 hour session with you on June 26th of last year.  My issue was about being late and  my feelings of anxiety that surround attempts to manage myself and  trying to be on time. So far sooooooo good.  As a result of our session, I am less anxious (not really anxious at all ) and better able to organize myself and make appointments on time.  There is some discomfort when I am early.  I'm not sure if it's because others are not on time or a deeper unconscious discomfort that stems from what we uncovered in our session about the negative impact of being early when I was a younger person.  I sense it is the latter.  The good news is I am gaining more  and more comfort with each occurrence of being early.  It took me a long time to give you  this feedback because, frankly, I couldn't believe it was real.  I do believe it is real now and although it's not perfect, I am o.k. with that! 


Thank you so much. You are a wizard !! In all the best connotations.


Carol Binta Nadeem, CCDC

& Counseling Intern


Hi Ron,  Just checking in to let you know I am doing well and haven't had a smoke since our session in Five years ago.  I like putting it that way for some reason.  I must say, I am constantly amazed that I don't have the slightest urge to have a cigarette throughout the day or evening. Thank you so very much!


As you will remember, I was a smoker for 18 years, trying several times to quit and having the same non-results.  Continuing to smoke was preventing me from accomplishing many of my goals, was detrimental to my health, was costing more and more every day, and was upsetting to my family. However I was still unable to stop.  I knew about Ron Klein and his Quit for Good TM program and finally got up the nerve to schedule an appointment, it was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.  Not only have I been a non-smoker for over 6 months, I have a much healthier attitude and feel better about myself- there is no turning back and I owe this all to you Ron.  Thanks!


                                                                 Terry M. Drake, Wellsboro, PA


Ron, you will remember that my issue was "rescuing" and always feeling obliged to help people who asked me for favors, even when it was very inconvenient for me.  Since working with you, in June of 2008, things have been so much better for me. I have been able to set better boundaries and people are not coming to ask me to help them with things all the time.  I guess the energy I was putting out attracted these types of people, and now that my energy has changed these people are not attracted to me anymore.  Thanks!


                                                                 Joy Schmitt,  Baltimore, MD


I first met Ron at a seminar in Silver Spring, MD in 1989.  Since then I have enjoyed a relationship with him as my trainer, mentor, and as a colleague.  Ron has encouraged and inspired so many mental health professionals with his excellence in teaching and communication and I am proud to know and work with him. Ron has also worked with patients and clients of mine with astounding results; he has created paths for progress and personal growth for each one.  I have the highest regard for him as a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.  I would recommend his work to anyone without reservation.


                                                                 Daniel H. Decker, LPC, LMFT


On my return to ConUS (Continental United States) from Viet Nam as a Marine Corps Sgt., I found I could not sleep unless every light in the house was left on.  Also, I could not sleep if there were any noises.  If any light was turned off, anywhere in the house, I would hear the click, wake up and turned it back on.  I could hear the slightest noise at night even when someone in the same room heard nothing.  Another behavior I could not control was becoming combative if anyone touched me when my eyes were closed.  A person or animal touching me while my eyes were closed would be in danger of being seriously injured!

I don’t remember much from my experience of working with you, Ron , other than going into trance and a few of the suggestions Ron made during the session.  And yet the following has happened to me:  slowly I was able to turn out the kitchen light, then the light in the hallway, and then my wife placed a night light in the bedroom, and now the lights are out except a small bulb in the kitchen.  Oh!  I almost forgot. Yes!  I can now be touched when my eyes are closed.

My flashback was the result of being seriously wounded by being stabbed while asleep in my foxhole, and I hadn’t zipped my metal jacket.  In addition to having been relieved of my PTSD, the enduring lesson I needed to honor, was that what I need to always remember is to use protective equipment whenever it is appropriate.  I now use a seat belt at all times and so do other members of my family.

                           Thomas D. Pirnie,  Ph.D.., C.A.S.,  Westfield. MA


Hi Ron,


I came to see you for smoking cessation on April 5, 2008.  Today is January 3, 2013, and I'm pleased to say I continue to be free of cigarettes. Can't thank you enough.  For Christmas this year I have opted to get my dad the gift of smoking cessation and weight loss via hypnosis.  He lives in Ohio, but I've invited him to travel to see you in your McLean, Virginia office.


                       Elizabeth L. Polis, Virginia



The piece of work you did with me, around how intimidated I felt asking questions in a classroom setting, was very powerful for me. As I worked to make a statement for the commitment to change, you repeatedly asked me to rephrase my future intention and outcome. After many attempts, I was able to state a simple declarative intention “I want to comfortably ask clarifying questions”. Using this new focused language, together with the suggested imagery, I literally saw my future competent self, doing just that. You suggested that the projected image of my future self would be so compelling; I would discover myself behaving and feeling that way from then on.


In fact, that is just what has been happening. Recently, while talking to a Roshi (teacher) in class, who in the past has intimated me, I found myself comfortably holding my ground and asking questions until my curiosity was fully satisfied.


Thank you.   


Alexis Outerbridge

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