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What is a Hypnotherapist?


"Hypnotherapist---induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns through hypnosis.  Consults with client to determine the nature of problem.  Prepares client to enter hypnotic states by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience.  Tests subject to determine degrees of  suggestibility.  Induces hypnotic state in client using individualized methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and analysis of client's problem.  May train client in self-hypnosis."     

   - U.S. Department of Labor Directory of Occupational Titles. D.O.T. 079.157.010

What is Hypnotherapy?

The practice of hypnotherapy means the inducement of altered states of consciousness, or trance, to bring about personal changes.  Hypnotherapy is indicated for smoking cessation, weight management, pain relief, for stress reduction, and overcoming fears such as stage freight, fear of flying, fear of driving on bridges, and fear of heights, etc.  Hypnotherapy is also effective for enhancing sports and for improving vocational, educational performance, as well as for many other self-improvement goals.  

Hypnotherapy includes an interview with a client to determine the nature of the client's problem and desired outcome, evaluation with the client to determine his or her suitability for hypnotherapy, and the training of the client to comfortably enter a hypnotic state after an thorough explanation to a client of the nature of the hypnosis.  Hypnotherapy is a form of complementary and alternative care whereby the client receives positive, beneficial suggestions under hypnosis, enabling the client to make the changes that he or she desires.