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Text Box: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs



Achieving a prosperous life requires the right mindset for success and good health.  This means the elimination of limiting beliefs, defining your life purpose, setting and achieving goals. You can learn how to deal with the particular types of limiting beliefs that may have been blocking you along your journey towards becoming your best possible self.

I have coached and trained thousands of individual clients and mental health professionals, many of whom have faced significant challenges in their lives.  Apart from generally having a positive mindset, one common trait in each “success story” is that each of these individuals have been able to change the ‘limiting’ beliefs they may have faced that were getting in the way of the goals and accomplishments they wanted to achieve.

A limiting belief is a belief you have about yourself, other people or the world generally, which limits you from being, doing or having what you want to be, want to do or atain in the your future.

Some examples include:

· I’m stupid

· I’m not good enough

· There is something wrong with me

· I don’t deserve success

· People who have money are bad/dishonest/greedy

· I’m not smart enough

· I should know all the answers

The problem is these beliefs appear to be “real” or “the truth”, because of their deep seated hold on us. There are many ways to change limiting beliefs, some of which require the help of a qualified Hypnotherapist or life coach.

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