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Ron’s hypnotic magic is contagious.  He is an excellent Hypnotherapist with skill, humor and integrity.  It is a pleasure to recommend him.


                                                    Martha Montgomery  , Fort Collins, CO

Mr. Klein is not only a master hypnotherapist, but he has also mastered the art of facilitating rapid change.

                                                    Marcus Mottley,  Washington, DC

I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes for approximately 20 years. Although in nursing, I wasn't interested in quitting until getting into alternative/complementary medicine in the early 1980s. I tried a couple of hypnotists prior to meeting Ron Klein. I would voice my concerns and these hypnotists would brush them off.  Consequently I was never able to cease smoking and the sessions were a bust. However, after meeting Ron , I decided to try one more time and made the appointment to quit.

Ron  patiently listened to my questions and concerns and together we addressed them one-by-one, prior to dealing with my smoking issue. I felt good that Ron listened to me and helped me to come to some understanding about why I smoked and together we developed strategies. He then used hypnosis to help me accomplish my goal of becoming a non-smoker.

I successfully quit after two sessions with Ron, and have not smoked since May 15, 1985 (it is now 2008). Every time I see someone standing outside smoking and see the cost of cigarettes today, I thank Ron Klein for his assistance and compassion.  And,  I take a deep Breath.

                                                  Sharon Young , Richmond, VA

When I bought my 4-wheel drive car, I thought it would never skid no matter what.  I was wrong.  After an accident in which it spun out on ice and hit a guard rail, I began to experience extreme fear while driving regardless the road conditions.  From that point on, I was especially fearful whenever the roads were wet or icy.  

It has been six years since I worked with Ron and I continue to be amazed at the ongoing benefit. I now drive with appropriate caution for the road conditions instead of experiencing overwhelming panic.

                                                    Susan Zorn, Summerville, NJ

I was troubled by PTSD that was causing me increasing distress despite years of psychotherapy.  After an amazingly brief intervention during the  very first session, the response is gone and I have had no recurrence.  It is wonderful!!    

                                                    Lynne Merl,  Malden, MA,

For years I had panic attacks if I drove onto a high or curving bridge  or interstate flyover.  They were years of curtailing my driving to  make sure I DIDN’ T get onto a bridge or flyover;  they were years of  terror just seeing or thinking about a high bridge or flyover.


I decided I wanted to do something about it.    I called  Ron Klein because I had heard that that he used hypnosis to help relieve fears like mine.  I didn’t know what hypnosis was, but I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


 At my first visit, Ron explained that driving fears like mine were  actually relatively straight forward to “resolve” and described the  history of hypnosis  for me.   He put me through a simple hypnosis induction.   I’d  describe it  pretty much like some sort of relaxed state with the utilizing of “guided imagery”.    Ron  explained  That it’s all a matter of reorganizing my mental imagery  plus the of  “power of hypnotic suggestion” and he reassured me of three things: 


1) I could not be hypnotized against my will, 2)  I did not need to be

afraid of doing anything that would violate my values or hurt myself while hypnotized, and  3)  The hypnosis would not take away any “appropriate fear or caution”, only “inappropriate” fear---only the panic.


 After just one focused session, I was able to drive the big curvy on-

 ramp from Richmond Hwy (Hwy 1) onto the Washington, D.C. Beltway- south.   Also, for the first time, I was able  to drive under the Springfield, VA interchanges without dread.


 After my second focused session, I asked my husband to come with me  and  I was able to drive EVERY single ramp in the entire Springfield,  Virginia  interchange area!   This area of highways is known as the "mixing  bowl."


 It was a little scary on the highest one on the  very first time, because I was driving  into the unknown.   After  that, it became easier and easier,  until, after  about an hour, I  asked my husband to wait at a fast food place while I drove the ramps  by myself.   It was as if  I’d been driving those high ramps all my life,  but  still exhilarating.  I was cautious, alert, focused on the road  in front of me, driving comfortably…and NOT  afraid—I was free of the fear!   Thank you, Ron!


                                     Meredith (Last name withheld by request)

                                                  Falls Church, Virginia


Dear Ron,


I cannot thank you enough for your excellent services. You have been an invaluable source of expertise. guidance, inspiration, and mentoring. You are a powerful, benevolent agent of positive change. Thank you, Ron, your coaching was the single most important factor  in my ongoing success.


                                       Angela Gilbert, Psy.D.

                                                Silver Spring, Maryland



Dear Ron,


After five plus months and just one session with you, I am still able to refuse dessert at my retirement home when ever I choose.  Although I was mainly concerned about my unhealthy addiction to sugar, I have also lost 13 pounds with no effort.  I’m very pleased. 


                                       Joan Corboy,

                                                       Silver Spring, Maryland


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